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Hank Roberts Email

I joined the Gentle Wind dojo in Baton Rouge a little over a year ago.  I joined Jiyushinkai and began paying dues about mid-year last year. 

I am a retired Marine, former LEO, and now retired Safety consultant, born in 1949 here in Louisiana.  I have a background in other martial arts, and am struggling to transition to Aikido as I get older.  I've enjoyed what I've learned so far, but find that trying to transition to Aikido seems more difficult than learning it with no other background. 

Ukemi is the same.  Body mechanics, of course, is the same.  EVERYTHING else appears to be different. 

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bill teson Email

Chuck do you remember me we are the same age, knew each other from1967-69 @R.L. Willingham in O.K.C trained in Californina with several karate people Bob Alegria, Dennis Fifield, Joe Lewis, Carlton Morris fought traditional tournaments and PKA in the '70,s and '80,s. I was the big guy that had been playing football and was taking judo while recovering. Got to black belt in judo also. Would like to become proficient in aikido and brush up on jiu-jitsu as well. I would appreciate if you would let me know of some quality ins. near the Tulsa Ok. area thanks

Jim Matelski Email

Hello sensei's, been awhile since i've spoken to anyone in the Jiyushin Aikido community, since moving to Wisconsin. I still think alot of my training i had from Sensei Duncan in Oklahoma. (I swing my Bokken andJo from time to time).I currently train in Judo(a Nikyu/Ikkyu level)at Racine Kyu dojo, and do submission grappling(BJJ,cache/wrestlin mix) on the side.  i'm 42 now and still have a great appreciation for the Budo arts and miss the practice.  
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